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The professional staff at Midland Title includes attorneys licensed in Ohio and Michigan, licensed title agents, escrow officers and support staff. We offer title and closing services to Realtors, Lenders, Builders, Attorneys, Buyers and Sellers of residential and commercial properties. When buyers and sellers of real estate search for "real estate closing office near me", "title agency near me" or "title company", they can have confidence in the experience, professionalism and industry leading resources from Midland Toledo.

If you’re located Lenawee County, Michigan and are searching for a well established, trusted and experienced title agency to handle all your title and closing needs, Midland Title is the trusted choice for you.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is retrospective. That means it covers matters that could affect your title at the time you bought your home, but it doesn’t cover anything you do to your home afterward. Your title policy insures you against loss in the event there is a determination that, as of the date of the policy, you do not really own your home (i.e., a forgery in a back deed), there is a lien against your property that you didn’t know about and that is being enforced against you (i.e., a missed mortgage, or unpaid taxes assessed against your home before you bought it), or someone is claiming that they own a part of your land that you were not told about when you purchased your title policy (i.e., a missed easement, right of way, or encroachment).

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Why do I need title insurance?

Title Insurance is the only guaranteed protection against real estate title losses. It insures your ownership of your home. Your lender will require Lender's Title Insurance but that only protects their interest, it insures the lender for the original amount of the loan against invalidity of the mortgage which secures the loan.

The Owner's Policy of Title Insurance protects you. It informs you of any other interest in the property, such as liens and encumbrances, and protects you against unknown claims of ownership to your interests in your property.

Most people have fire, car, and life insurance. You pay premiums every year to continue your protection. When you purchase an Owner's Title Insurance Policy, you pay your premium only once for coverage that will protect your initial investment for as long as you own your home. Title Insurance protects you from hidden risks not revealed by an examination of the public records.

Common examples of hidden risks include:

  • Forgery or Fraud
  • Missed Taxes
  • Undisclosed or Missing Heirs
  • Incorrect Legal Descriptions
  • Conveyance By a Minor
  • Incorrect Indexing at the Courthouse
  • Mental Incompetence of Grantors
  • Missed Easements

Escrow Services

Escrow services are also done by Midland Title, Inc. Escrow is done by an independent third party to make sure that all documents and monies are transferred at the same time. We also ensure that all documents are properly signed and recorded. We do this by having all funds deposited into our trust account and all documents held in our files until everything is completed. Once everyone has turned in their funds and documents, then we distribute all funds according to the buyer's and seller's instructions.

The escrow holder may be any disinterested third party. An escrow officer must remain completely impartial throughout the entire process.

Closing Services

Midland Title can do real estate settlement closings in all counties of both Ohio and Michigan for residential and commercial transactions.

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