Earnest Money Deposit

Simple and Secure - Submit your earnest money deposit online

  • Note: Please use cashier’s check or wire if you are closing within 5 days
  • All funds over $10,000 must be wire transferred directly to the title company account. If you have any questions, please call 419-255-0126.

By clicking the button below, I hereby irrevocably authorize Midland Title and Escrow, Ltd. (“Midland Title”) to hold in escrow in connection with the purchase of the property address referenced on the following page the Earnest Money Deposit.

Said funds shall be held in a non-interest bearing escrow account maintained in Midland Title’s regular course of business; and shall be maintained therein for credit to purchaser(s) at closing. Should the contract be terminated for any reason, Midland Title will require mutual written instructions from SELLER and PURCHASER as to its disposition; or an order of Court relative thereto.

Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Midland Title will, other than by reason of Court Order, require written mutual consent or written instructions by both Seller and Purchaser as a condition to such release or payment in the event of default/termination of the contract by either Seller or Purchaser.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge and accept the above terms.


By clicking the button above you are transferring to Payload.


Midland Title’s innovations are making real estate transactions easier!

We know how hectic your life can be. That’s why Midland Title continues to strive to be an innovator in the title industry. We would like to introduce you to online Earnest Money Deposits!

Buyers can now submit their Earnest Money Deposits from their computer or mobile device instead of digging out the old checkbook and driving to one of our multiple locations!

*Tip: Remember to make sure the sales contract reflects the form of the Earnest Money Deposit