Midland Title First to E-Record a Deed in Lucas County!

8/7/2018 Media Alert for Immediate Release

Anita Lopez Lucas County Auditor is pleased to announce her office facilitated the first e recording of a deed in Lucas County history.

Title Companies and local attorneys tested deeds e-recording and the first attempt was successful. Midland Title volunteered first and Mike Kajfasz said, "Auditor Anita Lopez now invites lawyers and title companies to register with the County Auditor's office to become eligible."

The Auditor worked with Midland Title and Escrow on this technological advance in Lucas County, Sandra Hylant (419.720.1929) comments, "e-recording streamlines the old process of transferring property and recording documents in the Auditor, Recorder and Engineer's offices. Title companies, attorneys, and anyone who funds an escrow account that records documents in Lucas County can participate in this innovative program by contacting Auditor Lopez's office."

Mr. Dan Maloney with Maloney, McHugh & Kology Ltd. (419.241.5175) comments, "We have been through the demos we are very excited to use the new e recording system in Lucas County."

Ms. Lopez's office will not charge any additional costs to customers in this transaction.

Title companies and lawyers will now complete the State of Ohio DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION conveyance Form 100. The Auditor's office partnered with Tyler Technologies and EPN DocRouter. The data will directly go to the e recording system with attached documents. Deeds and the DTE Form 100 is then electronically transferred to the County Auditor's office, Engineer and Recorder for approval.